I'm Daniel,

An aspiring Computational Scientist.

I'm a graduate student in the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the Uncertainty Quantification group (UQgroup). I finished my undergraduate program in 2021, graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, a B.S. in Applied Computational Mathematics, and a minor in Computer Science. My academic research spans numerical tensor algebra, fast Fourier transforms, CPU vectorization, parametric model order reduction, Bayesian sequential parameter inference, and measure transport. My professional experience is related to some of these, plus data visualization & analytics in several different environments. For more about these topics, check out Research.

Other pet projects include being the sysadmin for the Aerospace Computational Design Lab, collaborating on an esoteric language, developing a LaTeX-rendering messenger bot, a fairly robust symbolic & numeric software stack written from scratch in Java, writing an type-agnostic FFT in Julia, and self-hosting web services that are generally productivity-focused (think Jupyter notebooks, password managers, video-conferencing software, collaboration tools, etc.). For more information about me, see the About Me page.

A picture of me